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The Parish Church of St Laurence, Alvechurch

Climate Resources



There are lots of resources around to help us all think through the implications of climate change and develop our responses as individuals and as a church. The following websites each offer help, ideas and encouragement. We’ve listed them under the five headings used in our Climate Sunday service on 9th May 2021. We also include some publications that have helped and challenged us.


1. Individual households:


2. Church family:


3. Local community: ;

email: ;

Survey:  ;


4. Nation: 


The following websites are recommended by Worcester Diocese:


5. Wider world:



Laudato Si by Pope Frances May 2015

Say Yes to Life: Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book for 2020 by Ruth Valerio

Coivid-19: environment, justice and the future by Ruth Valerio, Margot Hodson, Martin Hodson and Timothy Howels Grove Book E 198 July 2020

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