The Parish Church of St Laurence, Alvechurch

Monthly Magazine - The Grapevine


To download The Grapevine magazine just click on the required edition. You will need Abobe Reader to open the files (PDF).


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The Grapevine Magazine is produced monthly with most copies available at varous collection joints in the village, and many hand delivered by volunteers. It contains news of village societies, church events, forthcoming happenings and special announcements, plus thought-provoking articles and obituary notices.




The Grapevine is an established feature of village life and is widely read.


The Grapevine is partly funded from advertisements.


Advertising space is sold in 6cm x 4cm portrait display boxes at a cost of £150 per annum. This equates to £12.50 per month, which represents exceptional value when compared to other publications.


Other payment rates are available but this is the most cost effective.


For more information contact Ian Price on 0121 447 7955 or email - [email protected]

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